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Two cute ACD puppies for slider.

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ACD blue 1/2 masked puppy.

The Breed Standard

The Cattle Dog's loyalty and protective instincts make it a self-appointed guardian...Read More!

Two ACD's running through the snow for slider.

ACD Colors

What is the difference between the Australian Cattle Dog's blue and red colors? Learn more....

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2022 National Specialty

Purina Farms
Oct 1-6, 2023!
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Established in 2004, the purpose of the ACDHEW is to create knowledge by supporting original research; to preserve the knowledge of the past by collecting and organizing the information that already exists; and to disseminate this knowledge to the vast spectrum of Australian Cattle Dog enthusiasts. Read More!

Australian Cattle Dog Rescue, Inc. rescues pure bred Australian Cattle Dogs in the United States and Canada from imminent death at animal shelters, humane societies and pounds, and from owners who can no longer keep their dogs, and place the dog into a new and permanent adoptive home. Learn how you can help!

ACD Pedigree Finder.  The Pedigree Finder is operated by volunteers.   http://www.acdpedigree.com 

Why the Australian Cattle Dog?

  • Loyalty and protective instincts

  • Highly intelligent, self directed workers capable of complex problem solving

  • Possess high train-ability coupled with a strong desire to please

  • Adept at picking out and punishing trouble making stock

  • Gentle with calves, lambs or ducks

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