National Specialty Conformation Judge - Linda Robey

Sweepstakes Judge - Linda Bell

Herding Judges - Molly Wisecarver and Linda Bell 

Agility Judge - Ann McQuillen

Obedience and Rally Judge -  James Comunale

Properties Judge - Julie Pulliam 


Obedience & Rally Judge:  

James Comunale

I am very pleased to be judging for the Australian Cattle Dog Club!  Judging has become my dominant dog activity in recent years after over 30 years of showing heavily in Obedience.  My primary breed has been Golden Retrievers (having taken 5 of them to the OTCH title and numerous other accomplishments) but I have also sprinkled in one Sheltie (who also attained her OTCH) and currently have added a wild Border Collie (yes, wilder than most!).  It’s the Border Collie who is making me humble, wondering what I may have gotten myself into, but I thoroughly enjoy the challenge he presents (most of the time!).  

I judge all classes of AKC Obedience and Rally as well as UKC Obedience.  I love seeing and judging many different teams, at many different levels of accomplishment and with many different goals.  There is a place for everyone in the sport.  Good luck to all exhibitors and let’s all try to have fun!

Jim Comunale

Agility Judge  – Ann B. McQuillen  “Agility is a passion that gives you a reason to play with your dogs every day.”

As a judge, I’ve got the best seat in the house for some of the greatest runs in the world …and some of the most entertaining!  For those of you who met my old Cattle Dog, Ted; you know I’ve frequently been that entertainment.

I love this sport and what it does for the dogs and the relationship it builds between you and your furry friend. I’m probably best known for Ted, the “Wild Child” ACD and for my tiny sheltie, Lady, who was moderate speed but accurate. Lady was Miss Consistent. Fun to run and ready to play. On a good day Ted had brilliant runs and on a creative day, he’d do exciting things like step on the judge’s head exiting the A-Frame. I miss him every day.

My current Master’s dog, Wicked, a PRT, is retiring this year.  I have two Australian Cattledogs, A.J. and Tucker who are becoming competitive in agility. Tucker also competes in Barn Hunt, Tricks, Disc Dogs and Treibball. I have a 6# Chihuahua who is beginning agility training as well. 

To earn the kibble, I own a commercial real estate company in the Sierra foothills above Sacramento. Together with my husband, I own an indoor dog training facility in Placerville. We teach competitive dog sports and offer classes and seminars for dogs of all ages, breeds and disciplines. I am head of Performance ResQ, Inc. a group specializing in Australian Cattledogs and working with other performance sport breeds. We place about 150 dogs a year. Most going into sport homes. I’m fortunate that Peter, my husband is a dog person and my kennel help when I travel. I couldn’t do this without him.

I started agility when you needed 1 leg for a title and there was no AKC agility program. We had only a few shows per year and equipment that took a crane to move. We’ve come so far and learned so much as the sport has evolved. AKC has been a huge part of the sport’s development and has given me an opportunity to travel and learn. Some of the best teachers in the world are not the instructors I’ve had; but the teams I get to watch.

I love courses that flow. I believe you can challenge a team without cranking on a dog’s body. This is a sport for all dogs; large and small, swift and steady, young and not so young. I will admit to being a “speed junkie”. There’s nothing prettier than a hot rod dog with a top handler on a quick course. Way fun to watch! 

So here’s to fun, clean runs and a great Nationals! Enjoy!

Sweepstakes, Versatility Conformation & Herding  Judge: Ms. Linda Bell

I’m looking forward to judging both Sweepstakes and the herding trials at this year’s specialty. I've been an approved AKC Herding judge for 13 years as well as an AHBA judge. This is the second time of my having the honor to judge at the ACDCA National Specialty, the last time being in Nashville.

I have been in the breed of Australian Cattle dogs for 25 plus years under the kennel name of ‘Thatldu.’  I’ve been lucky enough to have bred, trained and trialed multiple High In Trial dogs in the US and Canada including High In Trial on cattle at  ACDCA National specialties. I’ve also bred and owned Winner’s Dog at  ACDCA and ACDCC National Specialties. I have competed as well in agility, obedience, rally and scent work.  I have also trialed in USBCA, AHBA and AKC trials with my Border collies. 

I have recently retired from my job of 36 plus years as an Operation Supervisor/Transit Operator with our local public transit.   I’m finding retirement is a lot of work!  But it is giving me more opportunity to spend time with my dogs and do some traveling.  

  Our breed is so good at what they do as well as being so versatile they can compete in multiple activities as well as being our best friends.   My favorite part of herding training is watching young dogs listen to their instinct and figure things out on their own.  We do need to remember what these dogs are bred to do.   I wish everyone good luck and remember to have fun!

Conformation & Junior Showmanship Judge: Mrs. Linda Robey

I have been active in dog shows since I began showing my Doberman in obedience in 1976.   In 1979, Belgian Sheepdogs and Belgian Tervuren joined the family and have been my passion ever since.  I have bred and owner-handled many champions and obedience titles dogs.

I am active in my parent breed clubs.   Since 1996, I have been the Judges Education Chairperson for the Belgian Sheepdog Club of America.    I also serve on the Judges Education Committee for the American Belgian Tervuren Club.

I appreciate being asked to judge your National Specialty.    Judging National Specialties is always an honor and pleasure.   

Herding  Judge: Mrs Molly Wisecarver

I started herding in California in 1989 after purchasing my first Aussie. Impressed by the intelligence of this dog, I investigated the purpose of the breed which led me to herding. I was soon bitten by the herding bug and a short time later, I stopped barrel racing and committed all my spare time to training my dog to herd. 

I moved to Arizona in 2000. There were not many field trials in Arizona so I began to compete in AKC arena trials in 2002.

I have worked with many breeds, including Australian Cattle Dogs, I enjoy the diversity of the herding breeds and apply my training methods differently, depending on both the breed and the temperament and drive of individual dogs. I enjoy working with client dogs, because it gives me a great sense of accomplishment to develop their inherent herding abilities. I have put advanced herding titles and Herding Championships on many dogs, including several AKC Breed Champions.

Trialing and Handling all breeds since 1988, Trialing in AKC herding events since 2000, and judging in since 1995.

I’m looking forward to judging herding at the Australian Cattle Dog Nationals.

Molly Wisecarver