2022 National Specialty

The 39th ACDCA National Specialty

Sept 18-23, 2022

"Welcome to Colorful Colorado"
Greeley, CO - Island Grove Park
501 N 14th Ave, Greeley, CO 80631

2022 Conformation ~ Connie Redhead
Junior Showmanship ~ Connie Redhead
Sweepstakes ~ Heather Warn
Obedience ~ Susan Oviatt-Harris
Rally ~ Patricia Maynard
Agility ~Megan Schafer
Herding ~ Lynn Leach/Kathy Walker
Properties ~ Bruce McLean
4 to 6 month Puppy Event ~ Jean Pero

Saturday, September 17, 2022
ACDCA Regional Specialty
Island Grove Park

Judge: Mr. Robert Shreve
Sweepstakes Judge: Mrs. Robette Johns

ACDCA Regional Specialty and 3 Supported Entries
Friday, September 16th, Supported Entry
Saturday, September 17th, Supported Entry
Sunday, September 18th, Supported Entry

See our tentative Schedule of Events

To All ACD Lovers

Welcome to the 39th annual ACDCA National Specialty! We are looking forward to a unique and fun-filled week of everything cattle dog, with friends, new and old.

These events are scheduled between Sunday, September 18th and Friday, September 23rd (see the schedule on page 5). This year’s combined event also features six herding trials, of which 4 are cattle trials. In addition to the trials and 2 Specialty Shows, we have one of our more popular events, Dingo Bingo that will have a “Best Decorated Table” contest.

Highlighted this year is our Regional Specialty on Saturday September 16th!! 

Our committee members, have spent countless hours to make this National safe and enjoyable. We thank those that offer their help, expertise, assistance and support. Without volunteers, we would not be able to host an event of this quality.

The pandemic continues to create special challenges, but we plan and persevere with new safety protocols, consistent with relevant AKC, Island Grove Park, and State and local guidelines. We are looking forward to a fun and friendly event with activities that reflect the range of interests of ACD lovers.

So we hope that everyone enjoys this year’s event and enjoy the colorful Colorado!

Amy Turner, Chair
National Specialty Convention Coordinator