ACDCA, Inc.  Juniors Program

Junior showmanship.

The following Juniors Program will be in effect from January 1st, 2011 and for the future years, subject to the approval of the A.C.D.C.A. Board of Directors each year. The Board has the power to make changes in the following Junior Handling Program as they deem necessary without notice.

Mission and Purpose

The ACDCA, Inc Junior’s Program exists to encourage junior members to become involved with their Australian Cattle Dogs; to encourage good sportsmanship and a sense of accomplishment; to support and encourage juniors whenever possible to maintain their enthusiastic interest in the sport of purebred dogs and with Australian Cattle Dogs in particular.


Junior members are eligible to participate in the program when their ACDCA membership application (Jr. Member or Family) is voted in by the ACDCA, Inc Board of Directors. All rules and participant age requirements of the AKC juniors program will be followed by the ACDCA, Inc Juniors Program, for junior events.


Although the ACDCA, Inc Juniors Program recognizes the success of its juniors, it believes that juniors are motivated not by prizes, but by the opportunity to exhibit in the sport, to learn and develop as handlers, and to meet and enjoy new friends as they prepare for the future of the sport of dogs. The junior may show as many dogs/teams as they would like throughout the year.

The awards year shall be January 1st to December 31st.

Junior Showmanship

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The ACDCA, Inc. Juniors Program will not give an overall Junior Showmanship Awards as it is already given by the club as stated below.

Standing rule Section 6. A. states The ACDCA shall award publicity points in Conformation (points will be awarded for Best of Breed and Group placements), Obedience, Agility, Rally, Herding, ROM, and Junior Showmanship. These points will be tabulated from January 1 through December 31 each year. High point earners for the preceding year shall be recognized and awarded at the National Specialty Convention Awards Banquet. (This is the award committee chairman’s responsibility, not a part of the Junior Program)


There is also a special award of $300.00 for any junior handler who qualifies and competes in Junior Showmanship at Westminster or the AKC Eukanuba National Championship. The junior should request this award through the Junior Showmanship chairman by sending in their invitation or the certificate of eligibility that they received after competing at Westminster or the AKC Eukanuba National Championship. If they child qualifies for both events in the same year only one award of $300.00 will be awarded. The money awarded will come from the club budget and not the budget of the Juniors Program.

Title Awards

All junior members that have received an AKC title during the awards year, may mail a copy of the AKC title certificate to the designated junior committee member. The junior must submit a copy of the AKC Certificate within 3 months of completion to the designated junior committee member, an award of recognition will be sent to the junior member. The junior must still submit show participation for their overall accomplishments to receive a show participation award.

Show Participation Awards

If the junior wishes we will publish their past placing and or participation in the ACD Quarterly junior section. Note that these placing will not provide points for the junior only allow recognition within Quarterly (Jan-March, April–June, July-Sept., Oct-Dec) to show their accomplishments. If they would like us to publish this information they will need to provide the information below. It is the responsibility of each participant to get all necessary information listed below to the designated junior committee member.

Junior's name and address
Dog’s Registered Name and Call Name
Name of Club, Date, City, and State of event. (AKC, 4-H, or a match)
Area of competition—Junior Showmanship, Agility, Conformation, Herding, Obedience, Rally, or Tracking
Class entered—Open Bitch, Novice Junior, etc.
Placement, score or title--1st Open Senior, Utility 184, etc. (if applicable)
Special awards--Best Junior Handler, High in Trial, etc.
Each Quarter a child is eligible to submit their show results and or their participation at the shows. When the show information is received by the designated junior committee member, an award of recognition will be sent to the junior member.

Community Service

Junior Community Service Form

Juniors who perform 10 hours of dog related community service. (i.e.: stewarding at a dog show, working at a humane society, working with breed rescues, walking the elder neighbors dog, etc.). The junior member must have the community service form, filled out and signed, then mail it to the designated junior committee member. The juniors program will send an award of recognition upon receipt of the community service form.

Academic Achievement

The child may provide two official report cards or home school information within one year and six months apart. The report card or home school information must be sent to the designated junior committee member within thirty days of the child receiving the information. When the report card or home school information is received an award of recognition will be sent to the junior member confirming the child has commendable academic achievements.

ACDCA’S Responsible Juniors Award

This award recognizes and rewards ACDCA Juniors who serves the dog fancy and the Australian Cattle Dog Club of America and/ or their local club and in their community.


  • Must be submitted by Feb. 27th of the following year.
  • The child may only submit for one Responsible Juniors Award even if they showed more than one dog throughout the year.
  • Must submit a photo of them and their dog.
  • Write a 100 word essay about themselves and their dog.
  • Must submit a letter(s) regarding the accomplishments and service of the junior. The letter or letters must come from someone other than the junior and/or their family. Letters must describe how the junior has contributed to the dog community.
  • The junior member must also have received an award of recognition from four of the junior’s programs award areas during the award year (title awards, academic achievement, community service, and show participation awards.)
  • The award of recognition from four of the junior’s programs award areas during the award year must be with the same dog.


The ACDCA, Inc Board of Directors or a committee appointed by the Board shall collect and review all letters. One Junior will be chosen, based on the criteria set forth, to receive this award. The junior whose letter and essay are chosen will have them read at the National Specialty Awards banquet and along with the photo published in the ACDCA quarterly. Additional awards may be given in the case of exceptional service by more than one Junior.

To parents and mentors the ACDCA, Inc Board of Directors and Juniors Program Committee would hope that Juniors receiving these awards have done the majority of work with the dog or dogs.