ACDCA Awards


The Awards/Performance Committee is intended to provide and manage various mechanisms for recognizing and tracking ACDs participating in all the possible performance venues.


The Awards/Performance Committee is responsible for reporting for the Quarterly on new titles earned by member ACDs, point rankings for breed, group, obedience, agility, herding, junior showmanship, ROM, and rally, and the awards for the annual banquet.


The Awards/Performance Committee has several goals for this year. Some of the more prominent ones include clearly defining and documenting just exactly what is this committee's purpose and how should it function, establishing consistent guidelines for certain special awards, and repairing inconsistencies in the current guidelines. Specifically, this involves a rewrite/cleanup/correction to the ACDCA, Inc. Awards Information and Standing Rules. There are many discrepancies and ambiguities, as well as things that need to be added and things that need to be deleted. We also need to put in writing guidelines for the Versatility award given at the specialty (sometimes), as well as require it to be offered at each specialty. We also hope to compile a list of all publicity and versatility awards that have been earned over the years. The Awards/Performance Committee should have these as part of the committee's records that could be passed on to future committee chairs. We would also like very much to document in detail what the committee does and how it does it. Regretfully, in the past it appears that each new committee starts from scratch with little or no specific information on just what is expected or where to get the what is needed. - 2005-06 committee year. posted 5/16/06


To be eligible for a title certificate, the dog must be registered with the American Kennel Club as an Australian Cattle Dog. The owner or one of the co-owners must be a member in good standing of the Australian Cattle Dog Club of America for the year the title is earned.

The Awards Committee shall provide certificates to qualifying title holders.

ACDCA List of Awards: