Meet Our Judges

2020 National Specialty Conformation Judge
Jon R. Cole

Jon Cole - Conformation Judge

Nashville, Tennessee

I am a second-generation dog person who grew up in the world of Sporting, Working, Terrier and Hound breeds as a youngster. As I approached University age, I began breeding and showing Bull Terriers (under the Kennel Name Bejobos) in the 60’sand 70’s. Our breeding program was quite successful allowing us to breed and finish a number of Champions winning Groups and BIS’s. A few years later, we became interested in Bedlingtons. As with the Bull Terriers, the Bedlingtons proved very successful for my wife and I in the show ring. As time passed other breeds entered our lives - West Highland White Terriers, Smooth Fox Terriers, Shih Tzu, Greyhound, Schipperkes, French Bulldogs and Miniature Bull Terriers.

I began judging Terriers in 1971. I have been granted approval, in the United States, for All Breeds. I now judge extensively throughout the year, and do not show or breed dogs any more. My judging has taken me to all parts of the United States, as well as, Canada, Mexico, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, the Far East, Russia and Europe.

Judging has given me the opportunity to meet wonderful people all over the world, and see the types of dogs they breed and show.

2021 Conformation Judge
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2021 Sweepstakes Conformation Judge
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Herding Judges
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Agility & Obedience Judge
Carole Lynn Evans

Rally Judge
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