Meet Our Judges

2023 National Specialty Conformation & Junior Showmanship Judge
Chris Ann Moore

I’ve been involved in the the sport of pure bred dogs and dog shows for over 40 years. My mother bought our first show dog when I was 5. When I was 10 she purchased our first ACD right before they were recognized by AKC. That first ACD was the first bitch to win an All Breed Best in Show and she won it from the Working Group. I helped my mother with her breeding program under the Bryan Mawr kennel name. We finished may Champions and produced several top winning dogs. I also competed in Junior Showmanship growing up. After graduation I went into Professional Handling to which I retired from in December of 2019. To become judge . I started my own breeding program of ACD’s in my early 20’s with a bitch that was a wonderful combination of my mother kennel and the Dawn Heir’s kennel. I have had a lot of success in this wonderful breed and I give all the credit to her and my mother Carol Ann Vohsen.

2023 Sweepstakes & Versatility Conformation Judge
Sherri Swanton Opara

Herding Judge - Roy Sage

Roy comes to us from Nyssa, OR and brings a lifetime of experience working with dogs, livestock, and dogs with livestock.

He and his wife Annette's Osage Australian Shepherd Kennel has received the special recognition of being a Hall of Fame (HOF) Kennel producing a number of Working Trial Champions (WTCH).

Roy has conducted clinics and judged trials across the nation and the globe with all breeds of herding/working dogs. Roy shares his daily work load with an Aussie, a Belgian Sheepdog and a Border Collie. He really enjoys working with novice dogs and handlers.

Herding Judge - Debbie George

Whether it is bringing in lambs from the field, working new momma cows and calves – or going to a trial and performing well there. It is all about confidence in your dog. It starts with a good foundation.

My dogs were known for their calm disposition and confidence. I want to be a team with my dogs, not just a dictator that told them where to go, and what to do. It soon became something that I was known and respected for.

I am an AKC, AHBA, USBCHA judge. I have been involved with herding dogs for over 30 years. I began my journey with an ACD for a companion to ride with, and then later when we began to team rope, we wanted a useful dog to help work cattle. My bird dog history instilled the love of a good working dog, no matter the breed. I raise, train, and breed border collies, offer custom training, private lessons, and clinics for handlers. I trial my dogs, but I expect them to be working dogs on the farm as well. I want my dogs to think, but then when I ask them to give me control they be willing to do that as well.

Due to my background with cattle, I qualified for the USBCHA National Cattle Dog Finals 3 years in a row, being Open Reserve Champion in 2014. I have trialed successfully in all venues for herding. USBCHA, AKC, AHBA, and ASCA competing with cattle, sheep, and ducks.

Karen Winter

I have been showing in agility for over 27 years. I have shown Labradors, English Cockers, Shelties, Border Collies, Gordon Setters, Standard Schnauzers and my breed, Golden Retrievers. I have earned MACH’s on three different groups – Herding, Working and Sporting, my first MACH was with a Sheltie. I currently live with 2 Border collies and 3 Golden Retriever who are my 6th & 7th generation. Vader is 9 years old and has 6 MACH’s and a PACH and also earned his Agility Grand Champion last year. My puppies are just learning the joy of agility I also show in obedience and rally and have competed in tracking and field. My Goldens have earned VCD2’s through AKC and through the Golden Retriever Club of America the Versatility Dog award and Outstanding Dam awards as well as our Agility Hall of Fame.
AKC titles earned:

  • MACH – 8 dogs
  • CD - 6 dogs
  • CDX – 6 dogs
  • RN, RA, RE 3 dogs
  • TD – 4 dogs

I have also been teaching agility for over 25 years. I have taught most breeds and all types of handlers. I have also taught obedience but currently only teach agility.

I have been a AKC agility judge for over 20 years and through the years have judged many specialties, I look forward to judging the Australian Cattle National. Remember to always have fun with your four legged friend whether it is in agility or going for walks, if you are not having fun you are doing something wrong!

Obedience Judge
James Comunale

I am happy and honored to judge the ACDCA National! I wish everyone participating or watching to have a great experience and hopefully great results for those who are participating.

I have been involved in the sport of obedience for over 38 years. During that time I have been involved as a club member, worker, training director, officer, trial chairman and secretary (as well as a participant) with several clubs. For many years I competed heavily in the sport of obedience, sometimes showing over 40 weekends a year, usually with two dogs in both Open and Utility. Through the years I have put the OTCH title on a number of dogs, including six Golden Retrievers and one Sheltie. I also added a Border Collie who has taught me to be very humble! I have competed in the NOC / Invitational tournament many times (and judged it) sometimes with great results, sometimes not! Just participating in such events is always a great thrill and a lot of fun.

In more recent years I have shown less, trained a bit less, and have been judging quite a lot, which I thoroughly enjoy. No matter how much one judges there is always something every weekend to enjoy, be surprised by and sometimes even amazed by! No two shows are ever exactly alike. Hopefully all of you here will have some good combination of enjoyment, surprise and amazement!

There is room in our sport for every level of achievement and every type of goal. Hopefully you’ll achieve your goals during your National.

Rally Judge
Sarah Schroeder

I got involved with dogs when my husband told me I needed a hobby and it has grown way past a hobby. With each dog came more events we could do and now I am busy doing something with my dogs all the time. I have made countless friends along the way and love to spend time with my dogs.

My first love will always be obedience but enjoy competing in Conformation, Scentwork and Hunting. I am a hobby breeder of Irish Setters and believe in producing dogs that can and will do anything you want to do with your dog. I believe the most important attributes are health, conformation and performance so that they excel in any venue.

I am an AKC Open Obedience, Rally, Scentwork judge. I am also a UKC Obedience, Rally, Nosework judge and have been involved with dogs since 1991 and compete in Conformation, Obedience, Rally, Tracking, Nosework, Agility, Hunt tests and Therapy work.
Thank you for having me as judge for your Nationals. Remember, we may forget the score for the day but we will never forget spending the day with our dog. It's about having fun with your dog.

Ingrid A. Rosenquist

I have been owned by ACDs for over 25 years. My love for the breed came when I met my first Australian Cattle Dog when I was horse trainer in Michigan. After college, I acquired my first Australian Cattle Dog named Quid Pro Quo Buckaroo as I was trading the horses for dogs. Since that time, I have not looked back. I have owned, trained, and loved dogs that have attained titles/certifications in Agility, Rally, Obedience, Herding, Conformation, Weight Pull, Dock Diving, Lure Coursing, Schutzhund, and Therapy Dog among other activities.

I am thankful for the many breed enthusiasts that have graciously shared their knowledge with me though out the years. There are far too many individuals to list that have had an impact on me within Australian Cattle Dogs. The National Specialty is a time to come together and celebrate our fantastic breed and I look forward to being in the ring with you this October.

4 to 6 Month Puppy Event
Gaye Lynn Grant

Thank you for the privilege of judging your puppies.

I am enthusiastically passionate about Australian Cattle Dogs. I wish I was cool enough to think I’m a doppelgänger for our amazing dogs; sadly no. They are the most perfect fit for me and I hope for you.

I started in AKC registered dogs with my first Standard Poodle at age twelve. I had Poodles until 1998 when I bought my first ACD. That event changed the trajectory of my dog life.

I believe we are gifted with a wonderful breed with endless possibilities for achievement in any activity; work, sport or family partnership. They carve a place in our hearts with their steadfast love, intelligence and devotion.

I show and breed under the AKC Registered Prefix Littleflock. Every dog I have produced has been health tested and always has a home with me. I am fortunate to have bred the 2014 Westminster BOB winner and one of the first dogs to reach Grand Champion status when the program was implemented. I consider myself to be a Preservation Breeder and defender of our past and future. I am primarily a conformation person but I have also titled dogs in Rally and managed a few PTs. I became a conformation judge in 2017 and am also a Farm Dog Certification judge. I love the learning process and the hard work each entry brings to the ring.