2017 ACDCA National Specialty Results

October 15 – October 20, 2017

Judge: Katherine Hamilton 

Junior Showmanship

Best Junior Showman
Eli Connolly, GCH Corral West Attitude with Juice

Reserve Best Junior
Amanda O'Dell, GCHS Crossfire's Crash My Party

Breed Winners
Best of Breed GCHP CH Renegades Pay'N It Forward At Dawn Heir HSAs CGC (D), J Rowland/L Youmans
Best of Opposite Sex GCH CH Shalimar & Oakwood Message In A Bottle Renegade (B), C Moore/R Moore/J Johnson/J Rowland
Select Dog GCH CH Kokopelli N Kurpas' Hoot N Holler CGC, R Fields/N Fields/C Kurpas/H Warn
Select Bitch CH Kokopelli N Kurpas Something Wicked This Way Comes, H War/C Kurpas/L Yandle-Perry/K Watkins
Best of Winners Shalimar's & Oakwood's Travlin Man (D), T Conradt/C Moore/J Johnson
Winners Dog Shalimar's & Oakwood's Travlin Man, T Conradt/C Moore/J Johnson
Reserve Winner Dog Kokopelli's N Renegade's Gonna Let It Slide, H Warn/J Rowland/K Watkins/C Kurpas
Winners Bitch Hilchaven Straight On Til Morning, L Brooks/A Brooks
Reserve Winner Bitch Littleflock Deep Calls To Deep, Gaye Lynn Todd
Award Of Merit Winners:  GCHS Uretopia N Outrun Bold Venture (D), M Ure/J Pulliam
GCH Psycht's Unforgiving MinuteHIC BN CDX NAP NJP DJ(D), I Rosenquist
GCHG Corral West Feel The Sting CGC(D), S MacLennan/S Devore
GCH Wagtail Blu Wurra Wilberoo Bruiser (D), L White
CH Cynlee's Sentimental Journey (B), C Weaver
CH Taylryder Seriously Worth the Wait at JDI (B), S Fontenot
GCH Carben Copy's Lot Lizard (B), H Warn

Dogs Mrs. K A Hamilton (26d 5 pts/3 pts RW)

Puppy 9 - 12 Mos.
1 Briarmoor King Without A Crown, P Gipson
2 Big Sycamore's Dream Weaver, A Marques
12 - 15 Mos.
1 Kokopelli's N Renegade's Gonna Let It Slide, H Warn/J Rowland/K Watkins/C Kurpas RW
2 Cobbers Humble And Kind, M Philpott/M Philpott
3 Cobalt's Fortune Of Faith, C Girard/A Kurowski
4 Iron Horse Lightning Slinger, A Wiechert/J Wiechert

Bred By Exhibitor
1 Shalimar's & Oakwood's Travlin Man T Conradt/C Moore/J Johnson BW, W
2 Psycht's If I Can'T Move Heaven, I'Ll Raise He Ll I Rosenquist
3 Klh Luke Skywalker, K Hedrick
4 Hillhaven Second Star To The Right, L Brooks/A Brooks

American Bred
1 Castle Butte Cynlee Suncast, C Weaver
2 Starwood's Just Out Of The Blue FDC CA, E Rowe
3 Kuawarri Norseman HSAc, E Edmonds
4 Three Oaks Ya Betta Watch Out At Superstition, D Heywood

Amateur Owner Handler
1 Klh Mr. Marveluke Mojo, E Kennedy

1 Oakwood's Pistol Pack'N Weiss Man, B Weiss
2 Tnt High Noon Hero HSAs CGCA, R Swift
3 Straight Arrows Designer Genes, Z Newton
4 Klh Luken For Trouble, M Doyle

Herding Titled 

1 DC On The Lamb Ride An Old Paint HSAdsc HSBs HIAdsc HIBs HXAdsc, S Gahm
2 CH Kylie's Torres Strait CDX RN HSAsc HXAsMcM, S Edwards
3 GCH CH Defisja's Rr Laird Kyle CDX GN RAE HSAdsc HSBd HIAdsc HIBd HXAds HXBd OA OAJ OAP OJP NF NFP, D Cagney/P Cagney
4 CH Owassi's Grand Sonofawitch HSAdsc, C Knowlton

Bitches  (36b 5 pts/3 pts RW)

Puppy 6 - 9 Mos.
1 Corral West All Eyes On Me, E Matherly/S MacLennan
2 Straight Arrows Buckle Bunny In Blue, S Swanton
3 Halls Creek Im Clearly Diggin Red, M Doyle

Puppy 9 - 12 Mos.
1 Stockhand-Oakwood Hello Darlin', P Pruett/J Johnson
2 Cobbers-N-Mj's A Coat Of Many Colors, M Rudsell

12 - 15 Mos.
1 Dawn Heir's Shez Color'N Outside The Lines, L Youmans
2 Cobbers I'Ve Cussed On A Sunday, M Philpott/M Philpott
3 Iron Horse Little Red Caboose, A Wiechert/J Wiechert

15 - 18 Mos.
1 Taylryder Girl On Fire,, B Mintzer/D Mintzer
2 Taylryder Daydream Believer D Mintzer
3 On The Lamb Midnight On The Water, S Clark
4 Agassiz N Mj's Top Of The Mtn, M Rudsell

Bred By Exhibitor
1 Hilchaven Straight On Til Morning, L Brooks/A Brooks W
2 Littleflock Deep Calls To Deep, G Todd RW
3 Catalyst Sweet Sadie Rednsted, C Lamers/M Stetler

American Bred
1 Corral West I'Ll Have Another Win M Miller-Gloshen/S MacLennan

Amateur Owner Handler
1 Briarmoor Blue Mica, J Anderson/P Gipson
2 Downriver Koa, K Larssen
3 Lgl's Sinfully Tempted By Ewe, M Miller-Gloshen/N Gloshen
4 Hillhaven Blue Chantilly, Lace L Guza

1 Royal's Annie's Much Happier Now, J Klym
2 Edwards Cutter Filljo, B Edwards
3 Hillhaven Black Pearl Of Shadybrook CGC, C Delsman/L Brooks/A Brooks
4 Catalyst's Something Special, C Lamers

Herding Titled 

1 GCHB CH Hollow Log's And The Beat Goes On VCD2 PCDX BN RAE4 TDU HSAds XF CAX FM RATS TKA, A Jennings/L Yandle-Perry
2 So-Lo's Shot Herd Round The World HSAsc HIAsc, S Edwards
3 Shadybrook Callie Jr RN HSAsc HIAs, J Leach
4 Defisja's Rr Pretty In Pink CD RE HSAdsc HSBd HIAdsc HIBd HXAd OA NAJ NAP OJP NF D, Cagney/P Cagney

Veteran, Dogs 
7 to 10 
1 GCHB CH Wagtail Blu Wurra-Wilberoo Bruiser, L White
2 GCHS CH Oakwood's Refried Beans, J Johnson/M Johnson
3 GCHS CH Littleflock The Peacemaker RN, S Swanton
4 GCH CH Heartland's Blue Apache Boy, L Guza/M Lutz

 10 and over 
1 GCHB CH Taylryder Devil Inside HSAdsc HSBd HIAdsc HXAd HXBd HXAsMcM, D Mintzer/B Mintzer
2 GCH CH Onthego's Outrun's First "Shiner" CGC, J Pulliam/M Pulliam
3 GCHB CH Hillhaven Journey The Rapids RN HSAds, L Brooks/J Brooks/A Brooks
4 GCH CH Cheyenne's Dally Up N Setback, G Warren

Veteran Bitches
7 to 10 

1 GCH CH Wagtail Blu Cowgirls Don'T Cry, L White
2 GCH CH Taylryder Ewe Gotta Be Kiddin HIAs HSAsMcM CGC, D Mintzer/B Mintzer
3 GCH CH Renegade's Bewitched At Dawn Heir, J Rowland/L Youmans
4 GCH CH Littleflock Unquenchable, S Swanton/G Todd

10 and over 
1 GCH CH Carben Copys Lot Lizard PT, H Warn
2 GCH CH Onthego Catchpen Runaround Sue, D Quain/P Salladay/J Pulliam
3 CH Shalimar I Always Get My Way PT, C Moore/R Moore
4 GCH CH Corral West Attitude With Juice, S Gahm

Stud Dog
1 GCH OnTheGo's Here's Lookin' At Ya RN RATO CGCA, J Pulliam/D Quain/P Saliday
2 GCHP Renegades Pay'N It Forward at Dawn Heir HS, J Rowland/ L Youmans
3 GCHG Corral West Feel The Sting CGC, S MacLennan/S Devore
4 GCHS Littleflock the Peacemaker RN, S Swanton-Vinson

Brood Bitch
1 CH Shalimr's Red White N Blue of Oakwoods,  C & R Moore/J Johnson
2 GCH Carben Copy's Lot Lizard, H Warn
3 TC - CH Shalimar I Always Get My Way PT, C & R. Moore
4 Hillhaven Black Pearl of Shadybrook CGC, L Brooks/C Delsman/ A Brooks