Preserving Our Legacy Breeders

AKC has implemented a project directive for Parent Clubs. The Project’s goal, is to have Parent Clubs set up a video or written interview process with long-time Breeders preserving their views, insights, opinions and breeding goals before they are lost to history. Our recent past years have had us losing successful and knowledgeable breeders like Patti Salladay, John Kurpas, Marge Blankenship, Amy Berry, Monica Shifflet and Rita Favreau. Those views and insights are now unavailable. Sadly, we all are aware of how frequently we lose another one of our great breeders who has left extensive knowledge and influence in our gene pools and in the people that they have influenced. Even more tragic is that much of their knowledge dies with them as very few have authored books, much less developed websites or became social media “influencers.” Whether we agree with what is said, their words and experiences are well worth the effort for us here and now to bridge between these great talents and the next generation of breeders.

Once the video has been produced, or article written, the goal is to post this to our web site and the Quarterly. We have the potential to also share any video interviews directly with AKC for potential future use and preservation in the AKC Archives.

AKC has developed questions to inspire the interviews as well as some helpful guidelines for getting started doing the actual interviews. The questions provided are intended to follow themes that are the most important to share with us all.

This is something that is long overdue and needs to be done, before we lose another of our Legacy Breeders.