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This year we will again recognize our Juniors participating at the Specialty in performance and conformation events. What does this mean? In addition to the traditional Junior Showmanship competition, any of our Juniors participating in performance events at this year’s Specialty have an additional high point award for each performance event. It is easy to do. Keep all score sheets and provide them for the tally after the event is completed.

A director’s chair is awarded for each event category.

  • 2023 ACDCA Nationals High Point Junior Herder
  • 2023 ACDCA Nationals Winner Junior Showmanship
  • 2023 ACDCA Nationals High Point Junior Agility Handler
  • 2023 ACDCA Nationals High Point Junior Obedience/Rally Handler

Sign up and Mail

The Specialty Information Packet has all forms, please print off those forms needed and be sure to include the Registration Summary form. Mail/Email to Amelia Brooks 127 Los Trancos Circle Protola Valley, CA 94028