Property Class Sign Up

Judge: Ingrid Rosenquist
Monday Oct. 2, 2023 in the afternoon - Great Hall


Loads of fun, supports good causes, great ring practice!
Enter a bunch of classes!

Please use one (1) entry form per dog. (No “day-of” show entries)

Property Classes: Entry Fee $5.00/class
Enter as many classes as you want!! All ACDs may compete. Competitions include Best Feet, Head, Coat, Gait, Tail, Eyes, Ears, Topline.

Special Classes: Entry Fee $8.00/Class
Herding tested (include copy of certificate that qualifies dog for this class and Ancestral Classes (PAL and rescue dogs - regular AKC registration not required ). And, this year only, “Best Caped Duo” celebrating our 40th Anniversary and our theme of ACD Heroes—Reunite!

Puppy & Altered: Entry Fee $8.00/class
All dogs in Puppy and Altered classes MUST be eligible for AKC registration. Dogs must be intact (not neutered or spayed) EXCEPT for Altered classes. Altered classes are for “show quality” spayed/ neutered, AKC registered adult Australian Cattle Dogs.

Proceeds from the Property/Special class competition go to the ACDCA International Committee fund to benefit health/genetic testing and research for Australian Cattle Dogs.

Pre-entries must be received by September 6, 2023. Fill out forms completely. Entries must include payment--check or US money order.

No “day-of” entries.

Checks or U.S. Money Orders only! Make payable to ACDCA, Inc.

Mail Official Pre-Entries with Payment to:
Jolyn Owen, 2022 Properties
5624 S. 27th PL, Phoenix, AZ 85040

Questions? Email:
Phone: 602-276-5110