41st ACDCA, Inc. National Specialty Tentative Schedule of Events

Consult Final Schedules from Show/Trial Secretaries for Actual Competition Times

October 9-10, 12-13, 2024

  • All Breed Shows at James E. Ward Ag. Center, Enter through Onofrio

October 11, 2024, Friday

  • Morning—ACDCA Regional Specialty at Ward Ag Center—Enter through Onofrio

Jr. Show, Dogs, Vets, Herding Titled, Bitches, Vets, Herding Titled, Best of Breed

  • Afternoon-Health Clinic—Location TBA

October 13, 2024, Sunday

  • Morning— National Specialty Agility—

Never Go Back Ranch, 3337 Beech, Watertown, TN

  • Tracking Trial (all-breed)—Location TBD

October 14, 2024 - Monday

  • Morning—ACDCA National Specialty Scent Work Trial (all¬breed trial) —Fiddlers’ Grove (in James E. Ward Ag Center)
  • Morning-Herding Instinct Testing—Sheep Herding Arena
  • 6pm—Welcome BBQ, Rescue Parade—Made in Tennessee Building
  • 7pm—ACDCA Annual Meeting

October 15, 2024 Tuesday

  • Morning—National Specialty Rally & Obedience—Covered Arena
  • Afternoon—Property Classes Fundraiser—Made in Tennessee Building
  • Afternoon—Juniors Handling Seminar—Made in Tennessee Building
  • Tentative Early Evening: Breeder Education—Made in Tennessee Building
  • Evening Special Inaugural Event (tentative, details to be announced later)

October 16, 2024 Wednesday

  • Morning—4-6 Puppy Competition—Made in Tennessee Building
  • National Specialty Sweeps—Made in Tennessee Building
  • Puppy and Veteran Sweepstakes
  • Versatility Conformation Class—Made in Tennessee Building
  • Parade of Titleholders*—Made in Tennessee Building -  *ENTRY FOR Parade of Titleholders Done through the National Signup when available.
  • Afternoon-National Specialty Conformation—Made in Tennessee Building

Dog Classes, Herding Titled Dogs

  • CGC/Trick Dog Testing—Made in Tennessee Building
  • Judges’ Education (following Dog Classes, club members invited to audit seminar)— Made in Tennessee Building
  • Junior’s Party—TBD
  • Dingo B/Silent Auction Finale—Made in Tennessee Building

October 17, 2024—Thursday

  • Morning-Natl Specialty Conformation Con’t—Made in Tennessee Building

PeeWee Competition, Junior Showmanship,
Bitch Classes, Herding Titled Bitches
Veterans (Dogs and Bitches)
Best of Breed
Non-regular, Multiple entry classes

  • Evening-Calcutta—Herding Arena

October 18, 2024 - Friday

  • Morning-Herding Trials & Test: Sheep/Cattle—Herding Arenas

October 19, 2024 - Saturday

  • Morning—Herding Trials & Test: Sheep/Cattle—Herding Arenas
  • 7pm -Awards Banquet—Made in Tennessee Building