Tentative Schedule of Events

Sunday, October 17
8am-National Specialty Obedience and Rally
8am Herding Instinct Testing
2:30pm-CHIC Draws
6pm-Welcome BBQ
Rescue & Parade of Titleholders
7pm—ACDCA Annual Meeting

Monday, October 18
7:30am Agility Walk Thrus
8am-National Specialty Agility
1:30pm-Conformation Grooming Set Up
1:30pm-2020 National Specialty
Dogs, Vets, Herding Title
Bitches, Vets, Herding Title
Judge’s Option-Break
Best of Breed
Photography till 9:30pm

Tuesday, October 19
8am-2021 National Specialty Sweepstakes
Puppy and Veteran
Versatility Conformation Class
2pm-2021 National Specialty Conformation
Dog Classes, Herding Titled
7pm-Judges Education/Breeder Education

Wednesday, October 20
8am-2021 Natl Specialty Conformation Continued
Junior Showmanship, Pee Wee Competitions
Bitch Classes, Herding Titled
Best of Breed
Non-regular, Multiple entry classes

Thursday, October 21
7:30am-Herding Trials & Test: Sheep/Cattle
7pm-Dingo Bingo

Friday, October 22
7:30am-Herding Trials & Test: Sheep/Cattle
7pm -Awards Banquet