Australian Cattle Dog Club Standing Rules

(As adopted by the Membership September 20, 2000 revised January 2005, October 2006, October 2013, October 2023)

Section 1. Advertising & Club Publications

  1. Club publications only accept "For Sale" or "For Stud" advertising when dogs are purebred Australian Cattle Dogs registered with, or eligible for registration with, the American Kennel Club and only accepts product and service ads that are of interest to the membership.
  2. Purchase of the front cover of the club magazine is limited to one cover per year, per dog/person, with the editor allowed to use discretion when the cover is otherwise unsold.
  3. Ads in any ACDCA publication referring to rankings must include system and date of source, or the ranking will not be Included in the ad.
  4. The Club shall obtain data sets from AKC  for the performance venues of Herding, Obedience, Agility and Rally and for Junior Showmanship for the purposes of publication in the club magazine and for calculating the year end awards for the National Specialty Awards Banquet.

Section 2. National Specialty Show and National Convention

  1. Process for selecting specialty judges (for those events where the membership votes for the judge). (Updated 2023 AM)
    1. Require four nominations from club members for a judge to go on a selection ballot.
    2. The membership votes to develop a list from which judges for the next three specialties will be selected.
    3. The top ten judges (up to 20 for herding as two judges are required each year) in each event are placed on a list in order of votes received, and contacted in order to determine their availability. If they are not available, the next judge will be contacted and so on. For events requiring two judges, the top two would be contacted.
    4. If the top vote getter is not available for a given year, he or she stays at the top of the list and would be selected, if available, to judge the next year.
    5.  In the third year of the list, the club would go through the nomination and balloting process once again to establish the next three-year list.
    6. A judge that has judged in the past  seven years is not eligible to be selected. However, they may be on the top ten list and may be asked to judge, consistent with their order on the list, and with the seven-year rule.
    7. The club should not list the judges’ fees on the ballot. Instead, the club should establish a maximum they are willing to pay for each judge for each day. This committee recommends a $400 per day maximum. Judges will be asked their fees ahead of time to insure adherence to the maximum.
    8. Each judge will be asked to submit a brief biography which, if supplied, will be included on the ballot.
  2. The AKC premium list for the Specialty Show shall state a reduced fee for the second entry of the same dog, Puppy Classes, Bred by Exhibitor Classes, Parade of Honors, Sweepstakes and Junior Showmanship. There shall be no added fee for Junior Showmanship as a second entry.
  3. The Property Classes at the National Specialty, if held, shall be coordinated and conducted by the International Committee. (Enacted 1991 AM)
  4. The National Specialty Parade of Titleholders shall recognize all ACDCA recognized titles.
  5. Each year’s Convention Coordinator will include some sort of health clinic at the Specialty. (Enacted 1987 AB) (Discuss feasibility)
  6. Any special events proposed by the hosting Specialty Coordinators must have prior approval by the National Show Committee Chair and the Board.
  7. A Versatility competition shall be offered at each National Specialty (Enacted 2006AM). A Versatility Champion will be awarded at each Specialty with a sponsored buckle or if no sponsor, a plaque will be awarded (Enacted 2022 AM)
  8. The Board shall have discretion to advance National Specialty Convention expenses as required and requested by the hosts. All incoming checks shall be payable to the ACDCA.
  9. The National Convention sites shall be rotated around the country with respect to three regions (East, Central and West). If a region does not extend an invitation for its designated year two years in advance of its specialty date, the National Specialty will be scheduled at Purina Farms which is in the Central Region. If more than one invitation is submitted, the members in good standing present at the annual meeting shall vote with the invitation having a majority being the site two years hence. For the purposes of the National Specialties, the three regions shall be divided by the Rocky Mountains and the
    Mississippi River. (Modified 2013 MP)
  10. To require that any person/local club meet the following criteria prior to submitting an invitation to host a future ACDCA Annual Convention:
    1. Must have obtained Guidelines from the National Show Committee.
    2. Convention Coordinator must have attended at least one National Convention.
    3. Must have an area resource person who has served as a Show Chairman of a licensed AKC show. All Committee Members must become familiar with AKC Disciplinary and Misconduct rules and procedures.
    4.  Must contact Herding Committee Chairperson for Guidelines on conducting Herding Trials, etc.
    5. Must submit a written proposal listing detailed information on the time, place, show site, herding trial site, convention facilities, etc. at the annual meeting.
    6. Booth rental policy is to be established individually for each Convention by the Convention hosts. However, hosts should encourage vendors with products of interest to the membership to attend and should ensure adequate facilities at the show grounds and at the hotel whenever possible. Vendors must pay a fee or provide merchandise as described in material announcing the specialty.
    7. During the National Specialty, the ACDCA must hold at least 2 AKC Herding Trials which will include cattle (Enacted 1997 AM, updated 2023 AM)
  11. At the discretion of the presiding judge, up to seven Awards of Merit will be given to dogs and/or bitches by the ACDCA at the National Specialty Convention. Best of Breed, Best of Opposite Sex, Select Dog, and Select Bitch are not eligible for Awards of Merit. (Amended 1999 AM to exclude BOB, BOS, and BOW) (Amended 2013 MP to include BOW) (Amended 2023 AM to include Selects)

Section 3. Officers and Committees

  1. Extra copies of the Officers/Director and Committee reports will be made available to the membership at the Convention prior to the annual meeting.
  2. Committee Chairs are required to submit a proposed budget to the Board if funding is requested. . (Enacted 1990 AB)
  3. Each year all awards and final statistics shall be published together in a club publication. .
  4. The ACDCA may  sponsor  trophies or rosettes for international shows as recommended by the International Committee and approved by the Board to foster goodwill.

Section 4. Awards:

  1. The ACDCA shall award publicity points in Conformation (points will be awarded for Best of Breed and Group placements), Obedience, Agility, Rally, Herding, ROM, and Junior Showmanship. These points will be tabulated from January 1 through December 31 each year. High point earners for the preceding year shall be recognized and awarded at the National Specialty Convention Awards Banquet.
  2. The National Herding Champion will receive an award presented by the ACDCA at each National Specialty. Sponsorship for the Award will be available and in years where there is no sponsor the ACDCA will award a plaque (Enacted 2006 AM).
  3. The ACDCA may award the Good Sportsmanship Award. The committee for selecting the recipient will be comprised of the Awards Chairperson and the immediate past four recipients. The ACDCA may award a Certificate for Outstanding Service to non-club members.
  4. The ACDCA may award an annual "ACD Hero of the Year Award" and issue an appropriate award.
  5. ROM recipients will be awarded a certificate and plaque engraved with the year received and titles earned. (Enacted 1986)

Section 5. Annual Meeting

  1. Members must submit proposals and items for discussion at the Annual Meeting in writing to the ACDCA Secretary 14 days prior to the annual meeting. The proposals will be posted to the website and to the members’  electronic communication list and hard copies will be available in the hospitality room at the National Specialty.

(Updated October 2, 2023 Annual Meeting)